WITHDRAW WINNINGSWhat’s Wrong With It, Where Are My Money? The Biggest Obstacles To Withdraw Winnings

We can all agree that even though the gambling is primarily about fun, we all love to withdraw casino winnings. It's completely natural, and it's a time to celebrate, too!

But look:

It's often the case that the withdrawals aren't the fastest, and sometimes, they are delayed for far too long. If such a thing happens to you or perhaps you can't directly request a withdrawal, don't panic!

If you can't withdraw winnings, we are here to help.


Below, you find the most common reasons why players can't cash-out money. It's also easy to learn how to fix those issues.

Last thing!

If you are interested, at the very bottom, we also talk about a new, entirely legit way to play at the casino without registering. In such places, the withdrawals are done in 5 minutes since request! We've thought you could be interested in that as well.

wagering requirementsBonuses Are Exciting! But The Wagering Might Hold You Back

No matter which casino you're playing, the gift will have its specific terms and conditions. Sometimes, those terms might deny you to withdraw winnings before the wagering requirements have been met.

In this situation, there is no need to panic. This scenario forces you to look up your remaining amount to wager the money, and play some games! Playing is undoubtedly fun, but if you scored a big hit and you can't cash it out – that's bad. That's why most players choose the bonuses that are not sticky. It means exactly what we want – withdraw winnings before wagering is completed. Naturally, you forfeit the bonus balance in that scenario. But at least nothing is holding you back to cash out at any time!

You Might Have To Change The Payment Method

Sadly, that's still a thing in the casino industry.

At first, you are presented various methods of depositing, which are always right there for you.

But when it comes to withdrawing winnings, suddenly just a few methods are available.

It's especially true if you use some pay by phone casino method. Then, you will almost always have to choose another way for withdrawals. How exactly is it done? That's up to the place you are in. Some casinos automatically change your method to withdraw winnings. However, some might need you to contact the customer service. That might be the reason you cannot request a payout.

You Have Not Enough Balance For A Min. Withdrawal Amount

Most, if not all, casinos disclose the min. amount you need to have on your balance to request a withdrawal.

There is a variety of reasons behind this. Sometimes, they don't want you to treat them like money-exchange service. Let's say you want to get the £10 from your pay-as-you-go phone credit and get it to your bank account. You could do that by depositing with phone bill method and withdrawing instantly to your bank. That's a loss for the casino because processing the withdrawal has its innate costs. What's more, the casino, in specific cases, might pay tax for your phone bill deposit.

But What If I Have Enough, And I Can't Still Withdraw?

payment method

In rare cases, the casinos require you to wager your entire deposit x1 before you can request a withdrawal. If you have enough money and no other issues with cashing out, then see the Terms & Conditions and look for withdraw winnings section. There might be a point regarding that.

Although the above is understandable from the casino standpoint, it's a still a bit too much for players to have a comfortable experience. Such is the reason why it's rarely seen in gambling outlets today.

The Self-Exclusion Is In Effect

Sometimes you need to have a break from gambling, and that's a healthy thing to do.

Maybe you've had an unlucky week, and after seeing the total deposits, you've decided to take a break.

Let's say it was months ago, and you completely forgot about it when you came back.

It might be self-exclusion or other various limitations you could set up that hold you back from withdrawing.

If you cannot withdraw winnings, check out the proper section in your casino that allows you to set up limits or make self-exclusion. You should be able to cancel it and thus fix withdrawing issues.

You Need To Complete The Identity Verification

Nearly every gambling outlet will require you to provide documents proving that the personal info you've provided is indeed correct.

That's the most common problem the players have. Sometimes the photos you send do not have enough quality, and the customer service needs you to send them again. There are a couple of ways to make good documents pictures. If you use a smartphone, make sure all the details are sharp. When doing the photos, make sure to follow the directions of a casino.

You can make it much easier by using a scan yourself or go to the outlet in which professionals will do the proper scans for you.

Withdraw Instantly With No Issues?

Withdraw Instantly With No Issues?

Recently, we reviewed Spela Casino. That's a gambling outlet which doesn't require you to be registered. Thus, it's only 5 min to withdraw winnings. You don't need to verify identity, the min. withdrawal limit is small, so the majority of the issues above don't exist. The country availability is limited as of now, and that’s a major drawback, but it's still worth checking out.

Finally, be lucky, and we wish you to cash-out huge!

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