Wagering Requirements

Wagering Requirements – Pandora's box?


Why should we know what Wagering Requirements are?

Everybody likes sales and promotions in the stores, everyone wants to buy something at a lower price. Sometimes a client can even get something for free while making shopping. Why wouldn't casinos want to attract players using the same mechanism? In that case, it’s not big “SALE” sign, it’s even bigger “BONUS” sign.

In the store, a client can often can’t return stuff that he bought with a promotional prize, in the casino the issue are wagering requirements with has to be fulfilled. It’s fantastic to see that online casino offers, for example, £1000 welcome bonus or 50 free spins. On the banners there a small note under this great offer which informs about wagering requirements. It’s worth to read it and know what it means, then a player can choose a really good welcome offer. We will prove that not the biggest amount of bonus is the most important.

terms-3Different kind bonuses are offered by online casinos: welcome bonuses in cash, free spins, deposit bonuses. In a lot of online casinos daily, weekly and monthly promotions are common, plus VIP programs bonuses exist. All of them has terms and conditions that say about bonus profitability when a player can correctly interpret information. A question should come after reading those… are those bonuses, free spins, promotions really free? It’s worth to understand this mechanism in order to choose the best offer and not to get disappointment feeling.

What are wagering requirements?

A wagering requirement is a tool that protects online casino from unfair players. Some of them would take out bonus cash out without even playing once. If wagering requirements apply, it means that player has to play through a particular number of times. Only then winnings can be withdrawn and in some cases, the amount from of winnings from bonus money can be limited. Bonuses can sometimes depend on depositing method but it’s not a case of wagering. When player deposit by phone bill, credit card or Skrill, they are still the same. Usually, there is a certain time to meet the requirement and it can for example 90 days. It’s logical and everyone can understand that but there’s something more to know about.

There might be a different level of difficulty to fulfil them, bonuses with lowest requirements are the most attractive. The high number of 50-60 times is hard, 30 is medium difficulty level but still a significant. The bigger the number is the smaller is a chance of playing and winning. Lower than those we can call an easy one but other restriction has to be taken into account. Another thing is that not all of the games met wagering requirement in 100%. Some games fulfil them in 80%, 60% or even 5%. Taking that into account is a must when a player should think twice when he is choosing a bonus. Does it make sense to play a video poker with bonus money when it fulfils only small part of requirements? Lover percentage is often in the case of playing table games.



It’s a mathematics matter so it’s easy to understand when good example shows reality. When player deposit using for example payment method like deposit by phone bill a £50 with 100% match bonus, he gets another £50. Players account balance is £100 and the wagering requirement is 35. To be able to withdraw any winnings player has to bet for £3500. It doesn’t mean that player has to play for his own money but the sum of bets has to be that amount. Do you still remember that not all the games fulfil requirements in 100%? Then counting can become a little more complicated but a lot of casinos allows to trace current status of wagering.

Everyone who understands this mechanism knows, that the best offer isn’t the one with the huge amount of bonus. You can get a £1000 welcome bonus and have to play through 60 times, is it good? The key is low wagering requirement as in that case chance of winning is bigger. We suggest to always read terms and conduction and if something is not clear, contact casino support team. Lots of them have a live chat so a player doesn't have to wait a long time for an answer.