12 Answers – How To Play Casino Games?

play casino games1. Can I win a casino game?

Yes, you can – on any game. The luck-based games are designed to return less than 100% of the player money. However, this it applies only to a big scope. An individual player can win a lot of money from a casino game. But since the odds are always just a little against you, you can also lose your money. That's why you should only deposit the money you can afford to lose – that's a basic rule of responsible gambling.

2. How secure are online casino games?

When you play casino games, there isn't much you should bother about. There are no your details involved, so they cannot be compromised when you play. Moreover, a game from a trustworthy software provider won’t scam you from money. Then, when playing, it's much more important to focus on the casino’s security and the provider’s fairness.

3. Are the games fair?

Firstly, what is a fair game? That topic mainly applies to the luck-based games like slots or scratch cards. A fair game is the one that has an entirely random result each time you play it. Third party testing houses are analysing the game's Random Number Generator (RNG) mechanism. If the game passes all the tests positively, it is fair. If you are not sure if the game is safe, check out the website of the software provider. There, the provider should present you all the licenses acquired.

4. Where can I find the game's rules?

When it comes to table games, most of the times, you need to find the information on the internet. Regarding slot games, there should be a paytable and the explanation of a bonus feature in the slot. The rules of slots are simple – you just bet and play. You may also choose if you want to gamble or not on the win. Most of the times you want to collect the win.

5. How much should I bet?

If you would like to play casino games as a beginner, it's the best to start with small amounts. Especially in a bit more complicated table games. Slots or scratch cards don't require notable skills. Therefore you can bet a bit more here if you wish. However, it's generally better to have a high number of tries rather than risking a few massive bets. Then, again, the smaller stakes win.

6. Do I need to pay a tax from winnings?

That depends solely on the laws of the jurisdiction you live in. The casino won't tell you if you need to pay a tax in your country or not. That's why you should be up to date with the current laws of your state. There are very light jurisdictions concerning that – like the United Kingdom. The rules here don't need you to pay any tax from casino winnings. It’s similar to Austria. It won't be so good in some other countries, though.

7. How to deposit money?

The number of deposit methods depends on the country of your residence. Generally, you will be able to use your credit/debit card to deposit to the casino. There are also other methods like e-wallets. A few examples are Skrill, Neteller or ecoPayz. You can also use the money from your bank account without involving bank card. A simple transfer will do, although it takes a lot to process. You can use Trustly if you want to avoid that. There are also methods of fast online bank transfer. Usually, they have fees, though, and you want to avoid that.

8. Can I deposit with my phone bill?

You can deposit with your phone bill if the casino features such method and you are eligible to use it. There are a few methods that let you play casino games using phone bill deposit. These are: Boku, pay by phone, BT Landline, Zimpler and Siru Mobile. The requirements for the methods aren't significant. Usually, you need to have a phone number. However, the country limitations are harsh. Boku, Pay by Phone and BT are available only for the UK. Zimpler is for Sweden. Meanwhile Siru Mobile is available in Finland, Sweden the UK and Norway. Boku, Pay by Phone and BT don't have fees. The rest do charge you with small fees.

9. How the casinos earn money from games?

The casinos charge a fee (house-edge) for most table games. It's similar in sports betting, but people refer to it sometimes as vagorish. For Poker, it’s a rake. Fees are rather straightforward and self-explanatory. However, when it comes to the slot games, there is no fee. The slots are designed to return a percentage of player's money. It may range from 88% to 96%, the higher return, the better for players. The return applies to a bigger scale, so you still can win as an individual. The casino will earn money eventually because there will be just a bit more players losing than these winning.

10. Can I play casino games on mobile?

Yes, especially our site features all the best mobile casinos. A mobile casino is almost any casino now that provides instant play through a browser. That's because mobile phones made it possible to play casino games easily anywhere you want. It quickly became a market standard to include the mobile version of the website. Moreover, some casinos feature their mobile apps you can download from their sites.

11. What are the best sites to play free and legal casino games?

You can choose the best site to play casino games by reading the reviews we provide. Of course, on the top of that, there are our top lists – conveniently sorted by the availability of Boku, Zimpler, and similar deposits. When you see our top casino list, you can click to read a review of any casino you want. There, you will see the detailed analysis of features and impressions, as well as a quick summary on the bottom in “pros” and “cons”.

12. What are the best casino games to play?

Most people like slots and progressive jackpots – and these games are exciting to play indeed. However, all give big entertainment, so look and see which type is the best of you. When it comes to slots, there is the most prominent variety. Therefore, it makes sense to say some slots are bad and some are good. They can vary in graphics, return to the player and, most importantly, in bonus features. The bonus features are enjoyable, and when you hit them, you are almost guaranteed to win. It's most fun to play casino games slots like Reactoonz, Extra Chilli, White Rabbit, Bonanza, and many more!

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