Pay by phone bill casino – contract or prepaid best

payment-methoHere, at we already wrote a lot of about pay by phone bill casino deposit option. What is more, if you weren’t convicted of using this method so far, we assume, that now you are convinced. We write repeatedly about pros of mobile phone depositing in the UK and many news in this matter. The next step is making a choice of settlement method. Many aspects of pay by phone casino option for contract client and pay as you go are simply the same. Today we want to show some differences, which will help players to see advantages and disadvantages of both possibilities. For online casino there is no difference when a player has a contract or prepaid card, selection of casinos is the same.

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Provider or platform like Boku or Payforit is also meaningless just as a mobile phone number provided. Most of major UK mobile phone number providers will allow to the pay by phone bill casino deposit.

Settlement of phone bill deposit

When it comes to the settlement we will take a closer look at how we pay for phone bill deposit and when we really pay.

Contract clients are regularly getting monthly phone bill at the end of the month. To pay for it, the client can use direct debit or credit card; there is no need to pre-pay.

In the case of pay as you go customer payment for mobile phone deposit takes place at the moment of making a deposit. As money is taken directly from mobile phone number credits, the player needs to make sure, that credits are available. The variety of options to top up and account is good in here. Of course, the user can to up online, via direct debit, by SMS, call from mobile, via cash machine or simply make it at the store.

Pay by phone bill casino – deposit limits

We promote only responsible gambling and see a great value of deposit limits set up by pay by phone bill casino deposit platform providers. In the case of Boku it’s £30 per day but also phone network has limits for contract clients. max daily limits bokuWe of course know, that player can always use another deposit option to bypass any depositing limits. It seems to be possible even using the prepaid card, as in fact there are no deposit limits. Available credits and using other pay by phone bill casino deposit options make everything possible. Unlike prepaid customers, contract option has to deal with limits set up not only by Boku or other providers. Mobile network providers set up spending limits, as they are never sure if the client can cover a huge bill. There is always an option to increase spending limits by contacting mobile network provider.

Pay by phone bill – roll up

Main advantages like convenience, simplicity, privacy and other stay the same for both, PAYG and contract clients. Pay by phone bill is also free; there is no additional fee for making a deposit. We think, that both options are good but see some more freedom in PAYG option even if we have to top up more often. Limitless depositing is a huge advantage here.

Contract customers pros:

  • Only one bill a month,
  • Differed deposit payment.

Contract customers cons:

  • Has fewer settlement options,
  • Network spending limit.

Pay as you go pros:

  • A lot of top-up options,
  • No network spending limit.

Pay as you go cons:

  • Making sure that credits are available,
  • More transactions to make.