Boku sports betting

What is going on with the Boku sports betting?

First of all, this article is about using the Boku payment method for sports betting. We will look into the Boku pay by mobile payment method itself. Then, we will talk about sports betting sites with Boku and the bonuses they give.

But as an introduction, let's quickly remind us what sports betting used to be back in the day.

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Sports betting in the past

pay by phone casino boku bettingTo start with, honestly, it wasn't much different. The technology has changed, of course, and the extent of events we can wager on is bigger. But well, that's the most of it. Still, it's good to take a look at the details.

In the past, the most popular sports to bet on were mainly the following: American football, regular football, baseball, boxing and, of course, horse racing. We can see the extent spans from typical athletic sports to the non-human contests. To the mentioned horse racing we could also add greyhound racing. The betting on sports had also its dark site considering the illegal underground dog fighting. Currently, we all hope that the supervision of betting market completely denies anything similar to that.

What is more, back in the day, mostly the rich people were participating in betting. Of course, there were also those who treated it as a quick way of getting rich. That was because the advice for healthy gambling back then was limited if there were at all. Nowadays, for example, thinking like that is highly disapproved by the casinos as well as government regulations. No one should treat gambling as a way of getting out of debts or financial problems. Such approach easily leads to the dependence on gambling and then into the gambling addiction. Considering this topic, you will find more information about responsible gambling at the bottom of this article.

Finally, let's look how the things look today.

How does sports betting look nowadays?

To begin with, today's sports betting is much more popular than it was before. The reason is that it became much more accessible. Technology has advanced and it allowed us to have the entire betting sites on our tablets, smartphones or mobile phones. Right now it's easy to get into sports betting, and it may be even easier with the Boku payment option.

mobile betting, Boku sports bettingSecondly, the array of events we can bet on is much bigger than it used to be. Nowadays we can bet on such things like an outcome of a political election, reality show contests, etc. There was even betting on the result of papal election, which actually isn't as new as we could expect. The betting on popes was probably the first documented gambling example, taking place in 1503. Moreover, a historian from this time considers it ‘an old practice'.

Thirdly, today you don't have to be rich in order to have a healthy experience with gambling. Responsible gambling allows you to have fun with small amounts of money. People treat sports betting as a way of feeling the thrill of the gamble with the chance to gain some funds. And in case of being unlucky, you will spend some buck on that just like on any other hobby.

And finally, today you can use your phone to have an entire betting experience. You can bet on your phone and you can pay by your phone bill using Boku, PayByPhone or PayByMobile. Pay by SMS and that's it. That's how easy it became. Boku sports betting takes only a seconds now.

Boku sports betting

First of all, let's quickly explain what is Boku. Boku pay by mobile is a free mobile banking solution. It serves as your e-wallet, using your phone bill funds. The Boku company was founded in 2009, and at the moment it has 173 carriers in 51 countries. That brings an insane number of 3,2 billion potential users. Moreover, Boku has multiple prestigious partnerships – Facebook, Google, Microsoft and Apple – to name a few.

With the pay by mobile method operated by Boku, you can pay for free with your phone bill. In the next paragraph we will explain all of the details, so you are informed as much as possible.

Sadly, the pay by mobile with Boku is only available for the UK customers. The only requirement is to have a UK phone number. You can use it having every mobile provider expect Virgin Mobile.

Boku sports betting isn't as popular as using Boku in the casinos. We hope that will change soon because Boku is one of the best solutions for mobile payments by SMS.

Advantages of using Boku

Boku as a phone bill payment solution for sports betting has multiple advantages. We would like to show all of them for you, so you can know why do we recommend it.

First of all, Boku is completely free. It means that there are no fees, therefore the entire transaction amount goes to the receiver. This is one of the better solutions when paying by SMS in the world. Usually when paying through phone by SMS, around half of the amount goes to the mobile provider. This isn't the case with Boku, that's why it is so popular and why many people from other countries than the UK would like to have it.

Secondly, Boku is a completely safe payment method. There are multiple factors that ensure our experience with Boku is as safe as possible.

Boku has been already tested by millions of people, for sure you have a friend that has already used it. What is more, this solution is legal and meets all the regulations, obviously. It is an Accredited Payment Intermediary of Payforit. Those are the facts that ensure everything is legit.

But the true safeness of Boku is that you don't have to share your details in order to use it. You only need a UK phone number, and that's all, you can bet on your favorite betting site. Your number serves as a contact method, as your ID, and as a transaction solution. If you have a contract with your mobile provider, the transaction amount will appear on your monthly bill. That is, without any details other than the number of funds used. You can also use Boku while using a prepaid card for your phone. All of your personal and sensitive information stays with you, it is really a rare occurrence nowadays. Thankfully, Boku isn't the only option that requires no details. We could also mention here Paysafecard or Zimpler.

This is already a lot, isn't it? And there is more! Boku wants to ensure that everyone has the safest possible experience. In order to protect people from overspending, Boku has default limits of transactions. At a time you can pay a max. of £10, and the max. during the day is £30. Those limits protect you in case your phone had been stolen or in many other situations. Moreover, those limits let you keep a responsible experience with sports betting.

Finally, another merit of Boku is its ease of use. We have already mentioned you only need a UK number to use it. What is more, the whole process of paying with Boku is extremely easy and fast. You only need to choose an amount, enter your mobile number, respond ‘Y' to confirm, and that's all. We will describe that in a way more detailed guide soon in this article, but you are fine with this, too. Right now, imagine that a very important match has just started or starts in 5min. After using Boku once it stays logged for you, so all it takes is 10 seconds to fund your account with just one tap.

Cons of Boku pay by mobile

After describing all the positives, we have to also understand there is no solution that would be good for everything. Although Boku has no cons in a strict sense of the term, it has its limitations. Those come from the very core of a mobile banking nature.

First of all, the limit of the transaction may be obviously too small for the big spenders. In that case, those need to look for an alternative payment method. We think, though, that such customers could ask for a higher limit. It wouldn't be the best solution, since using huge amounts on your phone bill isn't the best method of dealing with your funds. Bank accounts, etc., are just better suited for that. But there is always a possibility.

Another thing is that you can't use Boku to withdraw the money. This is also a very basic thing, there is no possibility to withdraw money from our phone bill. Moreover, probably no one would ever want that. That is why you need to use other solution for withdrawing the money.

All in all, you can see that cons of Boku aren't really cons. Those are rather just natural limitations of using your phone as a payment method. Anyway, we wanted you to know about them.

How to use Boku on a sports betting site?

While you are on a site of the online bookmaker, you need to look for the BOKU logo. Often it is at the bottom of the site among other payment methods' logos. It may be in other places, too, but usually, it will be in a fairly visible place. That way you can know if a given sports betting site allows Boku pay by mobile.

After registering and logging in to the site, all you have to do is proceed to the depositing panel. Then three quick steps and your sports betting account is funded by Boku!

  1. Look for pay by mobile deposit option.
  2. Enter your mobile number.
  3. After receiving an SMS, respond ‘Y' for free, in order to confirm.

Yes, the whole process is that fast and easy. Now it's clear – Boku sports betting is easy.

Bonuses on Sports Betting sites

After we know everything about depositing on a sports betting site, that's the time to make a good deal! And such a good deal may be the welcome bonus on a sports betting site. So, if you want to have a bit extra, keep reading!

The welcome bonuses in sports betting sites aren't much different from the casinos. The popular one similarly matches bonus when depositing. An example may be 50% bonus on the first deposit up to £50. Considering that, if you deposit £100, you will receive the max. of £50. Best Boku sports betting bonus will be high percentage bonus.

Then you have to meet the rollover requirement. This is when the differences start compared to the casinos. To begin with, what is good to know, is that if you pay more than the amount needed to get the max. bonus, you will have also higher rollover, so there is no point in doing that. The rollover means you have to bet and settle both your bonus and deposit, usually 7-8 times (depends on sports betting site). Settled bets mean bets that were confirmed and resulted in either win or lose. Only bets with specific odds will count for wagering requirement. Sports betting sites can set those to be above 1.5 or 2.0. What is more, you have to roll over the bonus in a specific time in order to withdraw the winnings made by the bonus amount. That time can vary, it can be 60 days or 14 days.

As you can see, when it comes to the welcome bonuses there are a lot of requirements to meet. And we didn't even list all the details because that would mean basically summarizing whole Ts & Cs. Be sure that you yourself read all of that before depositing to a Boku sports betting site. Terms and Conditions are not that long, so don't worry. A juicy bonus may not be so juicy after a closer look.

All in all, be careful and patient if you care about making a good deal with Boku sports betting site.

Remember about Responsible Gaming

And the last thing, but perhaps the most important. Gambling is there for the entertainment purposes. You can spend to watch your favorite show on Netflix or to feel the thrill of betting. Both of those are just ways of spending time and entertaining yourself. Therefore, don't treat gambling as a way of getting the quick money. It applies to betting as well, especially while you are a beginner, you should be careful.

We are happy to share with you some general advice on how to keep the gambling experience healthy.

First of all, you should deposit only the money you can afford to lose. We already mentioned it in the Netflix comparison. Treat it as spending money on your hobby, not investing money in order to get more. If you treat betting as an entertainment you will be less disappointed from losses and more happy from winnings. So, it's a win-win situation this way.

Secondly, don't try to quickly recover losses, especially while being affected by the emotions. It can easily lead you to overspend.

Thirdly, set yourself spending limits. Control weekly how much did you spend and whether you are OK with that. Try to set yourself an amount you are allowed to spend in a specific time frame. Do your best, then, to keep the spendings in that range.

Finally, if betting/gambling is affecting your life in any way, you may be developing a dependence on gambling. If that is the case, stop playing and consider options that might help.

There are many more solutions that can keep gambling healthy than what we have mentioned. The above, though, is still a good piece of advice. Keep in mind that being responsible and safe is the most important part of gambling/betting.

Keep your Boku sports betting reasonable! 18+

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