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1. Mission/vision of DIMOCO Carrier Billing.

DIMOCO, headquartered in Vienna, Austria, is the leading payment and messaging innovator. As industry leader at the cutting edge of mobile technology, it has paved the way for carrier billing and mobile messaging services. DIMOCO stimulates the creation of a new, easy payment and messaging services with the FinTech philosophy at its core. The group is trusted by global telecom carriers, card schemes, content publishers, large merchants and corporations.

2. The brief history of DIMOCO.

DIMOCO was founded back in 2000. Of course, a lot has happened since and it has been an exciting ride indeed. In 2011, we acquired the agent factory TAF mobile in Germany, followed in 2016 by the Italian leading carrier billing provider in the gaming & online dating industry named Onebip, founded our entities for mobile messaging DIMOCO Messaging in 2015 and the payment service provider DIMOCO Payment Services in 2016.

With currently over 140 employees from 19 nations across the globe, offices in Germany, Hungary, Greece and Spain, we have championed shaping the payment and messaging landscape. Carrier billing has of course always been a vital cornerstone of our business.

3. What are the trends in the world of carrier billing?

Carrier billing, originally adult industry born, has undergone a tremendous development and expanded to most online industry segments, including games, video content, digital music ePublishing, ticketing, lifestyle content, IoT transactions – and gambling of course. According to Juniper Research, the digital content annual carrier billing spend is set to double by 2022, snipping a big slice out of the credit card share, and reach USDm 59 by 2022, the online gambling wagers are estimated to make up a USDm 12 share.

Carrier billing has now well established itself with consumers and users and will continue doing so. It is a familiar and recognized payment method, already ranking number 3 payment method on Facebook.

4. What is DIMOCO's advantage over other direct carrier billing platforms available in the UK?

DIMOCO Carrier Billing is a licenced payment institute for carrier billing and holds a payment service act license from the Austrian Financial Market Authority (FMA) since January 2016, as its license was passported to all 28 EU member states and we comply with the PSD2 (Revised Payment Service Directive) which has come into force on 13 January 2018.

5. What is casino player gaining from using DIMOCO for gambling payments?

We provide a payment method available on all devices and that literally everybody has access to. It is quick and easy, available to those for instance with a mobile phone but no credit or debit card, or unwilling to use such to place an online bet. In a saturated market, such as the UK, in which operators mainly target credit card users, the largest potential group of players are not interested in using a credit card to pay GBP 5 – 10 per week.

Conversion rates speak a very straightforward language. Whilst card schemes show conversion rates as low as 10 – 12 percent with first transactions, carrier billing scores 70 percent.
A further advantage for players (and merchants alike) is the fact that paying and payouts are possible through carrier billing. One does not have any additional bank details, as one does when using a credit or debit card.

In addition to targeting the mass market, we seek to establish carrier billing as a responsible payment method as a Gambling Commission/Regulator-friendly services that enables players to set monthly limits.

6. EnergyBet is your big partner. Does DIMOCO plan to cooperate with other gambling platforms?

EnergyBet was our inaugural partner when we launched in the homeland of gambling, the UK. We have meanwhile signed various partners, Vegas for example. The operator is the first and currently only licensed online casino in Hungary, operated by LVC Diamond Kft, whilst the state still has a monopoly on other gambling methods such as lottery or sports betting. Their mobile-focused approach, 60 – 70 percent of revenues are gained through mobile traffic, targeting impulse players is of course ideal for carrier billing.

We are excited to be adding the markets Poland and Denmark in the near future, with more to follow in due time!

7. Can mobile payments get any easier?

Can mobile payments get any easier? We would place a bet on “no”. After all, what can be easier than a 1-click payment on a device that is already in your pocket?

About DIMOCO Carrier Billing

DIMOCO Carrier Billing is a licenced payment institute for direct carrier billing and holds a payment service act license from the Austrian Financial Market Authority (FMA) since January 2016, as its license was passported to all 28 EU member states. The Fintech Company is a European-wide regulated payment institute with its payment service act license notified at the central banks across the EU. As a trusted partner of local and global mobile networks, it enables over 1 billion subscribers to purchase goods and services from merchants and aggregators with their mobile devices which are charged via the operators’ billing system.

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