UK casinos protected by law – UK licences

Governments are trying to regulate rules in different areas, for many reasons and in different ways. Sometimes it’s for the safety of citizens sometimes it’s only about collecting taxes. UK casino market is regulated by UK Gambling Commission for some time now and law improves. However, what does it exactly mean?

When we look at the UK casino sites we can see the Gambling Commissions logo. It means the casino has the UK licence. In practice, casino needs to apply to set of structural rules to be able to exist in the gambling business in the UK.

There are several types of licence UK Gambling Commission can grant. More detailed information on the types of the business licence can be found on official UK Gambling Commission site.

The UK licence has some very important objectives towards gambling:

the uk gambling commission
  • Shall prevent it from being used for any crime or/and disorder, associated with any crime or/and disorder, and not used to support any crimes.
  • To be carried with fairness and be friendly.
  • To prevent it from being used against or to harm children or any other vulnerable persons.

They are meeting these objectives by setting the compliance for UK licence:

  • Social responsibility requirements,
  • Details reporting requested from UK licence applicants and holders,
  • Anti-money laundering supervision,
  • Alternate Dispute Resolution (ADR),
  • Technical standards.

The Gambling Commissions is in the power to review the pay by phone casino licences. The, so called, an audit is conducted against terms of the UK casino licence.

As proof of hard work on keeping the players safe and honestly informed, the Gambling Commission punished recently the gambling operators putting penalties on the level £300,000 for deceptive advertisements. Issued in 2015 LCCP (Licence conditions and codes of practice) required fairness and reliability in the claims materials dedicated to promoting casino offers. The Commission very effectively is using this tool to keep under control gambling advertisements. In the UK, we can be sure that dealing with the gambling business, the law is on players site.

Here, on we are putting a lot of effort to give a player true picture of online casino. We are also warning about gambling addiction and reminding about responsible gambling. It’s is a great fun to play online casino or make some sports betting and like every fun, it also has its limits.