The best BT Landline Casino promotions January 2019!

The new year is as exciting as we all expected! And it’s no different when it comes to casino action.

Then, is it all different regarding the BT Landline casinos? Why would it be? The quality of BT Landline casino promotions is steadily growing.

If you’ve never heard of BT Landline, then we are pleased to introduce you.


BT Landline is a phone bill deposit option. It doesn’t take any fees from you. Then, how it works? The amount you pay for a deposit is charged from your monthly bill, and that’s all.

How does it work? The British Telecommunications provide BT home phone payment, so it’s a fully legit service.

If you live in the UK, have a home phone, and you are a customer of BT, you can enjoy such convenient fee-free payments.

There’s good news:

Some casinos include that deposit option. What’s more, such outlets are also one of the TOP casinos in the industry. Then, let’s journey into the best BT Landline Casino promotions January 2019!

Pots of Luck – leprechaun Seamus is on a roll!

promotions pots of luck

Few other brands are as well-regarded as the Nektan casinos. The brand has managed to ensure a well-grounded spot in the entire industry. Not only does it provide the highest-quality mobile casino services. On top of that, there’s support for BT Landline payment in the Pots of Luck.

That’s just the beginning of excellent mobile support. The site is well-optimised, so even an old phone should have no major problems providing you with a great mobile experience. There’s a drawback – the desktop site looks a bit outdated because of that. However, on a small screen, it’s a beauty to watch and use.

Then, let’s see the fantastic promotions in January 2019.

Pots of Luck promotions in January 2019

The list is the following, T&Cs apply:

  • Game of the Week – On every week, you can grab the juicy 20 bonus spins. The games vary each time. It’s available with at least £20 deposit.
  • Wager £25, claim £5 bonus – On each Wednesday in the January, there’s a time for something special. And that’s a £5 bonus you can enjoy by simply wagering £25 in the casino. Looks exciting? It is.
  • New Year Cash Drop – Remember to log-in during January! On Sunday, 20 extra lucky players will have additional £50 on their balance just like that. No deposit, no games, only log-in to the site on January!
  • Friday Happy Hour – Every Friday in Pots of Luck is another reason to celebrate. Not only the weekend is coming, but also the juicy 100% match bonus up to £20. On top of that, 10 bonus spins on Jumanji. Available every Friday between 7 PM and 11 PM.

January 2019 doesn’t look bad for Pots of Luck – quite the opposite.

Interesting set of promotions allows us always to claim some more exciting action. The action is important, but what to do here? The Pots of Luck BT Landline casino has got an amazing selection of games to play.

However, there are a bit better BT casinos regarding the games’ variety.

Casumo – The best BT casino service

promotions casumo casino

Although the Pots of Luck is a fantastic pick, we all know there are also other great places to visit.

When it comes to BT Landline casinos, Casumo is without a single doubt, the best contender for the 1st place.

And there’s a good reason.

The entire website is based on a unique theme brought to you by the company called Casumo.

Yes, this casino operator created only one brand and pushed it as far as it can go. The website is constantly providing you with the best services, and it’s always the top priority to bring you high-quality experience for the people behind the scenes. Forget about brands making tens of copy-pasted casinos, you won’t find it here.

But let’s find some proof for what we have said, so listing BT Landline Casino promotions January 2019 is a good idea.

The Casumo Winter Games 2019

The Winter Games started last month, but the action doesn’t seem to stop!

If you want to join the event still, make sure to do that fast! T&Cs apply.

    • Boosted Reel Races – Reel races are one of the most popular Casumo mini-events. They happen daily, and you can win some juicy prize here. However, now, they are boosted, giving you more!
    • Must Drop Jackpots – A pool of Red Tiger games ensures a jackpot to drop on each day. There might be various triggers to that, so follow the games descriptions closely. And finally, wait for the perfect moment to take it all!
    • Slot Promotions – Cash drops, cash prizes, raffles, and more! Check out the Casumo site to stay updated.
    • New Year, new £10,000 prize pool – Claim a whopping £5,000 in a raffle. Will you try your luck?
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